The South Downs Way National Trail

South Downs Way Trail Office, South Downs National Park Authority, Hatton House, Bepton Road, Midhurst West Sussex , GU29 9LU

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A linear walk of 160km (100 miles) which follows the ridge of the South Downs across Sussex from the white chalk cliffs of Eastbourne to Winchester, the first capitol of England. Designated in 1972, this National trail is waymarked with the Acorn logo bearing the legend 'South Downs way'.
The whole of the way can be walked in five or six days by those who are fit and seek a brisk walk. A week or ten days is a better proposition and gives time to explore the many Downland villages and their pubs within The National Park.

Gilbert White, the naturalist, never lost his love for the South Downs and wrote of them: 'Though I have now travelled the Sussex Downs upwards of 30 years, yet I still investigate that chain of majestic mountains with fresh admiration year by year, and I think I see new beauties every time I traverse it...'

The best companion for South Downs Way walking is stout footwear,whatever the season. The surface of the path is frequently a blend of flint and chalk which although firm, can be tiring if you are wearing flimsey footwear. In addition rain can make the chalk quite slippery in places.

Useful leaflets and free information sheets designed to help you learn about the South Downs Way and plan your trip more easily are available from The South Downs Way Trail Office.