3 miles west of Chichester , PO18 8HX

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Bosham is situated on the coast 3 miles west of Chichester, 15 miles east of Portsmouth and is one of the oldest, most pictureque villages in West Sussex.

The old village of Bosham is situated by a natural harbour and has had associations with the sea since Roman Times. Legend has it that early in the 11th century King Canute staged his reputed confrontation with the rising tide near Bosham, to persuade his courtiers that Kingly power had its limitations.

The daughter of King Canute, who drowned in the neighbouring mill stream, is buried in the parish church at Bosham and some people believe the tranquil Saxon building may also be the last resting place of King Harold. The Bayeaux tapestry shows King Harold entering Bosham church in 1064 prior to sailing to negotiate peace with William of Normandy. Above the church door you can see where Crusaders blunted their swords in the shape of a cross on returning from the Holy Wars.

Apart from history, this popular village on the edge of Chichester Harbour has an arts and crafts centre, Bosham Walk, which provides a showcase for local craftsmen, comfortable pubs and restaurants, and is a good starting point for numerous walks.The Quay attracts a variety of boats, sailors and duck feeders all year round which together with wonderful views, winding streets and quaint cottages makes Bosham a delightful and different day out. But visitors should beware of the tide which catches out many car owners who unwittingly park on the shore then find their vehicles marooned by the waves which Canute could not halt.