Castle Siege 2017

Saturday 27 - Monday 29 May, 2017

It is 1485 and Richard III is King of England. Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond has laid claim to the throne and landed in Wales, supported by French forces. Seeing an opportunity a French force has also crossed the channel, seized the Kings Ordinance (artillery) and surrounded the castle at Arundel. The French intend to hold the Earl of Arundel’s fortress so allowing a stronger invasion force to cross from France, sail up the River Arun, and so into the heart of Sussex.

Although there was no historical siege of Arundel Castle in the 15th century, the three day event will show the importance of artillery in taking a castle, and as a battle field weapon, skirmishes between the two sides, and crafts, costumes and armour of the period. With the tented encampments of Raven Tor Living History Group, The Wessex Medieval Alliance, and The Company of St. Barbara, the upper grounds of the castle, the Bank Holiday Weekend will filled with the sounds of battle and conflict.


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