Weald & Downland Living Museum

Tree Dressing

Tree Dressing is a magical occasion for all the family, celebrating the importance of trees in our lives.

Sunday 1 December 

  • Make a greenery headdress and turn a jam jar into a lantern
  • Join the procession illuminated by hundreds of lanterns
  • Dress the aspen trees as darkness falls
  • Join in with traditional songs and dances around the trees

The day’s finale takes place as darkness falls, with a spiral dance around the aspen trees, which are dressed with hundreds of lanterns. Winter warmers on offer will include mulled apple juice and spiced biscuits, for which we request donations. Please note that all activities are subject to change.

What is tree dressing?

Based on an ancient custom that celebrates the life-giving properties of trees, Tree Dressing takes place during National Tree Week. With its origins in the Green Man legends and other ancient customs, visitors to the Tree Dressing day can enjoy (and join in with) traditional songs, dances and plays which celebrate trees and the natural world.